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Man, times have changed. The world is moving forward quickly with new ideas and products, and nowhere is that more obvious than when you have a new grandbaby coming!  

When headed out to pick out the perfect gift, don’t be surprised if what you find in the baby care aisle looks not quite how you remember.

Here are 10 of the best new products you need to purchase for the well-loved grandchild.  How on earth did we we manage without these?!

  • Co-sleeper

You’ve probably assumed (rightly) that this has to do with where the new baby will sleep. I’m sure you remember wanting to have your own baby close to you at night, feeling their every little breath and holding their tiny hand. Maybe you did go the co-sleeping route, or maybe you opted for a traditional bassinet or crib. Co-sleepers allows that peace of mind that every new mom craves, knowing that baby is within arm’s reach, safe, and that she too will get a good night’s sleep. To a new mom, the gift of sleep is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Bandana bibs

Everyone loves a dribble soaked baby, all gums and no teeth, smiling up at them. What is slightly less loved is the multiple clothing changes throughout the day and rashes that can come as a result. Your own list of requests when your child was born more than likely also included bibs, lined in a plastic that wrinkled terribly after the first wash. This is an item you’re familiar with, an item that has served generations of mothers.  

Bandana bibs offers this same protection but without the plastic backing or the classic round shape, but all the practical applications. And oh how cute they are! With their soft, terry cloth back and rainbow of colors and patterns, these are infinitely more visually appealing than what you potentially used as your child was teething. There’s something sweet and and simple about them, both utilitarian and whimsical. This grandchild of yours won’t be nearly as embarrassed by their baby pictures as your own children were wearing these!

  • Swaddlers

Now here is an item you will most likely wish you had for your own babies! You may have watched the nurses intently those few days in the hospital trying to learn the secret of the swaddle. You practiced over and over the fold, wrap, tuck, wrap technique to varying effects (particularly in the middle of the night). But these clever little blankets with strategic seams and velcro take the complicated, origami-like, mysticism out of the process, leaving instead something so simple that even a sleep deprived parent can operate it at 4 am…and very likely will.

  • Baby food makers

This one may seem like a step backwards in terms of convenience. Baby food jars with premade food have been extremely popular for a number of years, however, it makes sense that parents would want to take back control of what their children are eating and focus on providing clean, healthy options for them. These nifty additions to a kitchen counter are compact and powerful, providing a great means of making and storing fresh food for a child or grandchild.

  • Stylish cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are another item that feel like a step back in time to some extent. The ones you find on today’s shelves have a couple of advantages over their practical but not nearly as pretty ancestors. First of all, these are streamlined, with the option of having everything all in one piece. Not only that, but the modern cloth diapers come in a varied array of colors and patterns to suit every taste. Say goodbye to plastic covers and safety pins! The grand baby diaper pictures are about to reach a whole new level of adorable.

  • Hatch Baby Rest

Hatch Baby Rest is a night light, sound machine, and Time-to-Rise indicator in one modern device. This is a game changer when you need to comfort feed baby at night, plus it can gently wake baby in the morning. Not only that, but you can program and control it all from your phone! Who could ask for anything more!

  • Baby Brezza Pro Formula Dispenser

You’ve likely heard of the Keurig and other single serve, instant coffee makers. With timers and automatic settings, morning coffee is as easy as ever. And just like those coffee makers, you’ll now find on the shelf automatic formula makers, with timers and settings to have your grandbaby’s bottle ready to go whenever you need it. Formula in one area, water in another, and bottle ready to receive perfectly prepared formula every time. Thanks to this nifty little gadget, heating water on the stove in the middle of the night can truly be a thing of the past.

  • Nose frida

This may be the most confusing item on the baby registry list. You put what? In where? And do what with it? This little gadget is every new parents best friend, especially when cold and flu season comes around. For the the first few months of a baby’s life, they haven’t learned how to breathe through their mouth, making a clear nose all the more crucial. Once you get past the idea of sucking boogers out of a baby’s nose, this item will stand out as a medicine cabinet essential.  If you opt for this gift, your children will be singing Grandma’s praises every time they use it.

  • Spectra Baby Breast Pump

Ok, this one is the bomb. Do you remember expressing milk…by hand….in the bathroom of the office you worked in back in the day? Well, not anymore! This contraption fits inside a nursing bra and can actually pump via suction quietly and effectively. And you can do both boobs simultaneously! The world is amazing.  

  • Malarkey Kids Munch Mitt

Babies love to put their hands in their mouths. They also teeth, cracking a whopping 20 teeth by the time they’re finished! So, why not combine a baby’s natural urge with a product made to soothe sore gums? It slips over your child’s hand just like a normal mitten, but has the added bonus of soft, textured, 100% silicone to soothe sore gums. It can evenly securely fasten around their wrist, meaning that you don’t have to pick it up over and over again. Having something to chew on during these times can be a huge source of relief for those little ones. This is a really good idea and truly great product.  

Technology and parenting, a perfect combination

The advancement of technology has brought with it rapid development and improvements in countless areas of our lives, many of which we never dreamed possible, including raising children.

This evolution has brought with it innovations that allow today’s generation of parents to have the relief that comes when your children are safer and when your burdens are lifted even by a fraction.

This is by no means the end of those advances. Technology has come into the space and proven that it has the ability to provide increased safety as well as peace of mind for parents, grandparents, and caregivers.

Ride Nanny is evidence of this, with bluetooth technology combining with a simple to use app in order to help protect those we love most. Devices like this may not have been around when your children were born, but with so many car related fatalities in children each year, it’s easy to see how the evolution of technology can step in and help in a significant way.

The best job in the world

You’ll never forget what it was like to become a mother for the first time. As joyous and exciting as this time likely was, some would argue that there is a phase which is even more fulfilling and awe inspiring, and that is becoming a grandparent. Grandma, Grandad, Meemaw, Pop Pop, it doesn’t matter what they call you –  it all sounds like music to your ears.