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Parenting can be hard.  Really hard! From trying to remember feeding schedules to trying to remember if you showered this morning, there is a lot on your plate.

Here are the 8 best parenting hacks that you need to have in your hands to help make parent life easier!

Diapering Tips

One of the top new parent concerns is learning the ins and outs of diaper changes – so why not make it as easy and streamlined as possible!

Diaper/Wipe Combo –
This is, by far, one of the best ideas I have seen.  
Start with an empty plastic baby wipe container. Then, take an “on the go” baby wipe package and clip it to the top of the plastic container and fill the bottom with diapers and diaper cream.  This takes the struggle out of hunting through the diaper bag to find them – you will have everything right in your hands. Genius!

Changing pad blow out hack –
This one is so very smart – I love it!  
Use a changing pad in a car seat to protect the seat in case of a major pooping episode!   Quick to do and easy clean up in the event of an accident!

Use a makeup brush to put on diaper cream –
This is my normal routine.  Change baby, clear her butt with baby wipe, then take baby cream (which is the thickest cream ever made) and cover her and me with it, try to get her diaper closed while she struggles to wiggle away.  We both end up with butt cream all over us.
Enter using a makeup brush to apply the cream. No more painted ladies!!

Keeping it fresh

From socks to trash in the car…. babies come with a lot of “stuff”.  Here’s a few tips to keep everything organized and clean!

Car Wastebasket –
Take a plastic cereal container and line it with a small garbage bag.  
It’s portable, easy to clean, you can close it, and it helps to keep your car tidy.  

Mesh laundry bags for socks and burp cloths –
Babies socks seem to be everywhere….. except for where you expect them! Are you always losing the baby’s socks?  
This mesh bag is a great, easy way to keep them all in one place and just toss them in the bag into the washing machine!  

Layer bedding –
“I love changing crib sheets in the middle of the night”, said no one….ever!  
This is a brilliant idea! Mattress pad, baby sheet, mattress pad, baby sheet. If the baby has an accident in the middle of the night, just peel back and throw into the laundry and you have a clean one already in place.  

Car Seat Tips

Car Seat safety is key – we all know and understand the importance of a carseat….. but they can be heavy and somewhat difficult to maneuver.   These tips will really help! 

Lula clips for buckles –
I need these clips!  
This helps to keep the buckles where they belong and prevents you having to constantly searching under the baby’s butt for her buckles – saving time and sanity!

Pool noodle for baby carrier –
This one I definitely could have used!  
Cut a pool noodle to about a foot long. Slice it down the middle on one side and slip it over the baby carrier handle.  Saves your arm, I promise!