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Wearables such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, Spire Stone, and Google Glass have exploded in popularity over the last number of years, with devices now designed to track heart rate, steps taken, sleep, calories burned, and even fertility levels.  

But don’t think that adults are the only ones who can benefit from products which help to monitor aspects of their health and well being. Sensor technology has now branched out beyond fitness and wellness into the baby realm, bringing with it many advantages for the modern day parent.

Monitoring your baby’s health

For an adult, the health aspects that are important for monitoring include things like steps taken and calories burned. While it would be highly entertaining to see how many steps a newly mobile baby would clock in a day (what’s the record for that anyway?), there are other, more telling aspects of a baby’s health that are extremely helpful to keep tabs on.

  • Heart rate and oxygen levels. Premature babies are highly susceptible to respiratory issues in early days, and this requires consistent monitoring on the part of parents.
  • Body temperature. For young babies in particular, any indication of fever can also be extremely important to catch, as this can be a sign of a fast acting infection that requires immediate medical attention.

It’s one thing to monitor a child’s vital signs, however, the key benefit of this technology is to provide a catalogue of information on your baby’s health. Tracking these and many other indicators can give parents the information they need to take to their pediatrician or medical professional, who can in turn use that information to ensure baby’s well being.

Relieving ever present anxiety

Anxiety simply comes with the parenting territory. You’d be hard pressed to find any parent who feels completely confident in what they are doing, or who doesn’t worry about the great “what if”. Don’t worry, these are completely normal feelings to have! That doesn’t mean that there aren’t tools out there  to help alleviate these worries.

Sensor technology for babies means that their parents are the first to know when something happens to them.

If something does happen, will provide them with the information they need to act.

At 4 AM, you most likely don’t want to be:

  • Hovering at your baby’s bedside, ensuring that she is lying facing the right direction
  • Checking the room temperature constantly, making sure your baby is not becoming too hot or cold.
  • Monitoring your child’s every move to make sure she hasn’t flipped onto her stomach or experienced a fall.

There’s peace in knowing that should any of those things happen, you’ll quickly be notified in order to get to your baby.

Along with sensing a baby’s current health indicators, many of these devices also help in tracking the crucial activities in a baby’s day, such as eating and sleeping. Maintaining a consistent schedule for your son or daughter can often be anxiety inducing, so devices with the ability to track and set reminders for regular feeds or bedtimes can do wonders in terms of putting a parent’s mind at ease.

Becoming a proactive parent

Sensor technology is a much wider arena than just wearable technology, though this is of course of great help and interest to parents. There are other types of sensory tools that detect not just data related to your baby, but can also alert you to any present dangers in your baby’s surroundings.

  • Security and monitoring cameras. You may already have a home security system installed in your home, which likely includes motion sensors. But did you ever stop to think how else this could be used to benefit your family? These systems are of course ideal for keeping unwanted visitors out of your house, but further to that, they are also perfect for keeping those little ones in your home. Window and door alarms in particular are an excellent way to preempt any miniature would be escape artists from opening a window or door unattended.
  • Temperature sensors. Even the humble rubber duckie is not safe from an upgrade! What was once a simple bath toy can now help to ensure that the tub is not being filled with water that is too hot for baby’s delicate skin. Depending on the unit, some will change color while others will beep, alerting mom or dad to turn on the cold tap and cool the water down to a safe temperature, thus preventing a potential injury to baby.

Whether wearable or external, sensory technology puts the control in parent’s hands to be prepared for a multitude of situations. Not only does this type of technology allow you to be made aware when something happens, but it also gives you the tools you need to take action before something happens to your baby.

Maybe you weren’t a boy scout, but as a parent your motto will now most certainly include the line “Be Prepared”.

Taking control and simplifying

Between caring for children, maintaining jobs and homes, and about half a million other big and small tasks, parents find themselves in the juggling act of their lives. How on earth are we meant to do it all without dropping a single ball! This mental load is a genuine fact which can for sure be a challenge, but that doesn’t have to be the way it is. Technology, though it might seem complicated at first glance, can in fact help to take some of that load away and make life that little bit easier.

What would we do without our phones? We keep almost everything that needs remembering saved on our phones, be it scheduling activities on our calendar or keeping lists on our notepad. The developers of many baby sensory products recognised this, and have designed their technology to send the gathered information directly to your smartphone. The associated apps then allow you to access and update that data whenever you want.

And when it comes to kids, there is a lot that needs to be remembered.

  • What time was baby’s last dose of medicine given?
  • What was his temperature the last time I took it, did it go up or down?
  • When did he eat last and how much did he eat?

There’s no need to carry all of that around in an already over full brain when there is a convenient way to store and easily reference it.

To infinity and beyond

While the scale of these developments in tech are low compared to say, the Mars Rover, here on Earth in the lives of everyday parents trying to do their best for their kids, these advancements are hugely impactful.

In all cases, sensory technology is a tool in the hands of engaged, aware parents, and shouldn’t be considered a substitution for mom and dad.

Ride Nanny is no different, utilizing bluetooth connection to detect the parent’s phone and check if baby is with them when they get in the car. If he is, then the app will remind you at your destination that he’s back there to ensure he is safely taken out of the car. Like all of the gadgets and gizmos out there, while this doesn’t replace a parent’s watchful care, it certainly goes a long way in helping to protect those little people that we love to the moon and back.