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What do you get when you cross cake, silly games involving clothes pins and toilet paper, and tiny, adorable clothes?

That’s right, it could only be a baby shower!

This is such a fun time for new parents to celebrate and get prepared for their new arrival. And for friends and family, what a fun excuse to visit the baby section of your local store. Whether you have kids or not, it can be something of a daunting task trying to choose the perfect gift for the expecting parents. You naturally want something that is fun, but practical – something any parent would need, but may not to think to buy for themselves.

To help get you started, here’s a list of the BEST Baby Shower Gifts that new moms would love for their baby, but just might not think to buy for themselves.

For sleeping

Baby Bean Bag

As much as new parents want to hold their baby all day and all night, sometimes it just isn’t possible. For those moments when baby needs to be put down, you want to ensure that place is both safe and comfortable.  With reinforced stitching and a secure seat strap, this item is certainly a step up from the dorm room classic you may be used to. These added features are brought together to ensure maximum security and contentment for both babies and toddlers when they are ready for a snooze.

Swaddle Blanket

For a newborn, one of the most reassuring feelings is that of being cocooned in their mother’s womb. That embrace is replicated when a baby is snuggly swaddled in a blanket. What makes this difficult to achieve is their ever waving hands and squirming bodies. With the advent of the swaddle blanket, this process becomes markedly less complicated by simply putting baby in, and either zipping or wrapping securely. This is then immediately followed by an easier night sleep for everyone.

In the Bathroom

Baby Shower Rinser

Bath time can be a double edged sword for many families. On the one hand, babies and toddlers alike love playing with toys and splashing water as hard and fast as they can. On the other is the screaming and twisting that comes when trying to rinse baby clean. This handy little gadget is quickly set up by connecting an adapter to your shower on the first use, and after that is easy snapped on for subsequent uses. Cups can be difficult to control, but a baby shower rinser allows you to direct the water where you want it and avoid getting suds in the child’s eyes. Bath time can now once again be the happy affair it was intended to be.

Blooming Bath – Baby Bath

Traditional baby baths can be bulky and often contain slick plastic, which makes it  difficult to hold on to your baby. A Blooming Bath takes up less space, is made of soft polyester plush, and can fit in most sink sizes. Your loved one’s baby can be much more comfortable snuggled in his warm bath, and your friend is more comfortable not having to worry about the baby slipping around. When bath time is over, the entire  bath can be thrown into the washing machine. Bath time just got a whole lot more relaxing for everyone.

Toilet Paper Saver

Flash forward a few years and your baby shower gift recipient will thank you repeatedly for this life saver. Curious toddlers are known for their lightning fast ability to unravel an entire roll of toilet paper. The creator of the Toilet Paper Saver was a mom that identified a problem and came up with a solution! This device easily slips onto your roll of toilet paper without having to remove it from the holder. It can easily be unlocked by an adult or older child to use, while preventing smaller fingers from creating a mountain of toilet paper. It can also help to monitor toilet paper use during potty training. No more rogue unrolling!

In the Diaper Bag

Cloth Diaper that Grows with Your Baby

In their first year, a baby uses roughly 2,700 diapers. With the average cost per diaper  being $0.20 each, the cost of diapers is around $550 in the first year alone1. This is a huge cost to parents, not to mention the impact on the environment, with a single disposable diaper taking 500 years to decompose2. For the financial and environmentally conscious parent, why not think about gifting cloth diapers? While there are many options to choose from, the most convenient are those that are all-in-one (outer lining and an inner padding for absorption combined) and grow with the baby. An added perk is that these come in a wide assortment of adorable patterns and colors. A win for the pocket book, as well as a win for the planet; definitely an excellent gift to give.

Electric Nail Trimmer

Trimming baby fingernails can be a surprisingly nerve wracking task. Their fingers are small, delicate, and extremely wiggly. You’ve probably even heard stories of friends who have accidentally cut their baby’s finger using a traditional nail clipper. An electric nail trimmer is battery operated, creating an oscillating action to gently file baby’s nails. With several different lightly textured pads and variable speed control, baby’s delicate skin surrounding the nail won’t be harmed. Not only is this safe and easy to use for babies, but for toddlers, older children, and adults as well. This will quickly become a diaper bag essential.

Silicone Sippy Cup Tops

One day this baby you are shopping for will be a toddler, with a mind of her own and the desire to be a “big kid”. While she might be ready for it, her parents may not feel the same. These silicone tops stretches over most cup sizes to turn that “big kid” cup into something more functional for smaller hands. Being both spill proof and dishwasher safe means that these lids will be used over and over again at the dinner table or on the go.

Unscented face wipes

Boogers and babies go hand in hand. Normal dry tissues can’t always remove the hard, dried on snot, while baby wipes can dry their noses out due to the use of alcohol. Another “mom-vention”, Boogie wipes contain Aloe, Chamomile, and Vitamin E which help to soothe irritated skin. This gift won’t just live in mom’s diaper bag, but also in the car, the bathroom, and everywhere baby goes.

For Traveling

Car Seat Handle Cushion  

There’s something about small babies and the amount of large, heavy gear that comes with them, none of which is more important than their car seat. While it is necessary for parents to bring this everywhere they go, it’s no surprise that it can get a little uncomfortable after a while. These padded covers wrap around the handle of the car seat, whether your friend carries the carseat on the crook of her arm or in her hand, this extra padding will providing will provide relief while on the go. Not only that, but there are loops to attach baby’s favourite toys along with being reversible. This is definitely a game changer item at any baby shower.

A Bag that Won’t Flip the Stroller

The dilemma: you’ve gone shopping with your friend and her new baby and now have bags dangling off of the handles of the stroller. The baby starts to fuss and needs to be picked up, but the laws of motion and gravity dictate that the moment the baby is lifted from the stroller, the weight of the bags will cause the entire thing to topple over backwards. An ingenious solution to this predicament is a bag specifically designed to keep a stroller upright even when its primary cargo is removed. With straps that can wrap snugly over the stroller handle to keep them from falling and clips at both the top and bottom for strategic attachment, this clever little bag distributes the bags weight to keep everything from turning upside down.

Baby Hammock for Flying

Flying with a baby can be incredibly exhausting and challenging. Between carrying the baby and all of the bags, to holding the baby throughout the flight, it just never seems like moms and dads have enough hands. This hammock is specially designed to help baby be safe and secure throughout the flight and provide parents with an opportunity to interact with their baby comfortably. With straps that attach securely to the tray table on the seat in front and a waist strap to secure to the parent, this handy tool is fully FAA approved after takeoff. Not only is it convenient for flights, but it doubles as a high chair as well. Taking baby on the go has never been easier or more comfortable.

All of these gifts can help a new parents life to be a little easier and a little less complicated

Ride Nanny is one more present to share with your friend or family member for their little one. Having a new baby is exhausting and can bring a lot of changes to routine. Giving your loved one Ride Nanny is giving them the comfort to know that no matter how challenging this new chapter is, that they have one more tool to help keep their baby safe. And if you want to give them another gift of a day off, it can easily be transferred to your car for use. Reassurance like this is the best gift you can possibly give.

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